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  • We pushs you jobs. Save time !Save 95 H
  • Need Technicians ?
  • Need Bachelors ?
  • Need Masters ?
  • Need Alumni ?
  • Schools in your back-end (API)Save 190 H/year

Push service of your job offers

Push for your Job Offers

We push your job offers in universities, business schools and alumni associations. You gain in visibility where the talents you need are formed. Send us your offers, we set the target together per country, per specilaity. And you receive a report. Save time !

Save time and money

How long does it take you to post a job offer ? 10 mn ? 15mn ? Then multiply it by the number of jobs and the number of schools / universities ! This is a hidden cost. With us, it's clear, simple and cheaper!

Focus on your added value.

No more administrative tasks of encoding job offers! With our support service, you focus on your added value (analysis of CVs, interviews ..) and not the administrative tasks as encoding offers, which is expensive for your team

Push for your Job Offers

A digital support for your job offers

We push your job offers in universities and alumni associations per channel in your country:
- Channel technical Engineers
- Channel IT
- Channel Life Sciences Engineers
- Channel Accounting, Finance, sales
- Channel Medical and paramedical

- We improve the visibility of your job offers and the return of resumes.
- We help your team to save a lot of time: posting jobs is an administrative task. With our support, your team can focus on higher-value tasks.
- Our job is to publish your job offers and to give you proofs.
- To reach a good level of return, do not hesitate to consult us on the presentation and content of your offers.
- Trust a specialist like NewJobMedia who offers a push support service. Our digital team of specialists is familiar with establishments and associations.
Digital service for a digital world !

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower - Steve Jobs

Our academic database for your website in Saas or API mode

Prepare your actions

Universities, business schools, alumni associations, CVbooks ... Thanks to this database, you quickly identify where you need to conduct your actions. And today, Big Data is easy!

Save money

In Saas mode, you pay per user, unless you have a large amount of pushs. In API mode, you pay a flat rate and can share the database with all your team of recruiters. You do not pay per access !

Focus on your added-value

No more administrative tasks! With our on line support service, you focus on your best value and not the administrative work of encoding job offers.!

Academic database (Saas or API mode)

An economical solution

Where are trained talents you need ? Looking for an academic database? Saas mode allow you to search as single user our database. API mode allow you to share this information with all your recruiters . It's the most economical solution for the entire sourcing team.

- Ability to identify 100% of the establishments where the talents you need are trained
- Possibility to push your job offers
- Ability to identify and communicate with alumni associations
- Save hours of research work
- Optimize your organization.

Our team of specialists is familiar with institutions and associations ... The world is digital, enjoy it!

- 140 countries available
- 2,200 establishments, 15,000 courses